PRODUCT 5010/ 37 AE Cat.

Bi-component co-polyester adhesive with extremely high molecular weight to be applied in a 37% solution of solids in ethyl-acetate destined to joint through film lamination to produce sails, also with carbon-fiber strengtheners. Due to its characteristics, this product ensures
the joint an extremely elevated thermic and underwater stability. It is perfect to joint PE+PA+Carbon fiber.

Fortester 5010/37AE can be applied through suitable rollers. We recommend to let the solvent evaporate completely before joining the surfaces in order to avoid the air bubble formation.

Before applying, one must add 2-5 parts of catalyzer every 100 parts of Fortester 5010/37AE. Once it is catalyzed, the adhesive remains stable for at least eight hours when maintained at a maximum of 25°C temperatures – its stability reduces when exposed to higher temperatures.